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Introduction and Complete Book List


You are here because you love classic, LDS romance novels. And when it came to cranking out the best selling genre at Deseret Book, no one could touch Anita Stansfield. From 1994 (First Love and Forever) to 2000 (Towers of Brierley) she was the "Jane Austin" of LDS Romance; these "Golden Years" marked some of her best and finest work.
This quote says it best.

Then, something happened. With the publication of Where the Heart Leads (2001) her writing took a sharp turn from the easy, approachable, storytelling form we all loved, to a didactic, condescending, overly-moralizing style and theme.

With their strong inclination to teach and instruct, rambling character dialogue and thinly developed plots, her books were no longer fun to read. This lower-quality writing would (so far) continue for the remainder of her career.

Anita Stansfield has also written under the pseudonym Elizabeth D. Michaels, publishing her work with White Star Press. She's also started writing again for Covenant. Her latest LDS novels, Legally and Lawfully Yours (2015)Now and Always Yours (2016)The Heir of Brownlie Manor(2016)Color of Love (2017), Lily of the Manor (2017) and Love & Loss at Whitmore Manor(2017) are all quick and easy reads.

You can follow her latest news on her own blog which includes a very helpful Book List.

In keeping with the spirit of my other LDS book blog: The Work and the Glory Series: a book by book synopsis, I intend to take every Anita  Stansfield book published between 1994 and 2013 (all 57 of em!) do a chapter by chapter summary of each and list them here in a Complete Book List.
This project will probably take a few years, so bear with me.
Just click on each title (as they become available) to access and happy reading!

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Title                                                                                              Publication Date

1. First Love and Forever                                                               1994

2. First Love, Second Chances                                                        1995

3. Now & Forever                                                                           1996
4. By Love and Grace                                                                      1996
5. A Promise of Forever                                                                  1996

6. Return to Love                                                                             1997
7. Home for Christmas                                                                    1997

8. To Love Again                                                                             1998
9. When Forever Comes                                                                  1998
10. A Christmas Melody                                                                  1998

11. For Love Alone                                                                          1999
12. The Gable Faces East                                                               1999
13. The Three Gifts of Christmas                                                     1999

14. Gables Against the Sky                                                              2000
15. Towers of Brierley                                                                     2000
16. A Star in Winter                                                                         2000

17. Where the Heart Leads                                                              2001
18. When Hearts Meet                                                                     2001

19. Someone to Hold                                                                        2002
20. Gables of Legacy Vol I:  The Guardian                                     2002
22. Gables of Legacy Vol II: A Guiding Star                                   2002

22. Gables of Legacy Vol III: The Silver Linings                            2003
23. Gables of Legacy Vol IV: The Eternal Bond                             2003
24. Gables of Legacy Vol V:  The Miracle                                      2003

25. The Captain of Her Heart                                                          2004
26. Captive Hearts                                                                           2004
27. Hearts Crossed                                                                           2004

28. Gables of Legacy Vol VI: Full Circle                                       2005
29. Timeless Waltz                                                                           2005

30. A Time to Dance                                                                        2006
31. Dancing in the Light                                                                  2006

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